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Stress Less – Laugh More!

  • Avalon Recreation Centre, Activity Room 2 (map)

21st October 5.30pm to 6.30pm
Avalon Recreation Centre, Activity Room 2

Contact – Chamundai  ph 0422367031

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Learn to increase your natural laughter to reduce stress, remove stuck energy, connect to friends and family and feel happy ! No jokes or humour are used and you do not need to have a sense of humour or feel happy to attend. Bring an openness and a willingness to explore your laughter.

Laughter is a health cocktail for the body mind and spirit. in this class you will "switch on" your laughter button, that natural impulse we were all born with. We have all seen babies laughing - they do not need jokes or humour to laugh. It is as natural as breathing. Sometime because of a serious life or situation, our ability to laugh gets switched off an we can forget how good it feels to have a great laugh. This is your chance to reactivate your laugh.

Come and join like minded laughers and use the power of the group to ignite your laughter. The class is not traditional yoga - it is a series of breathing, gentle movement and actions that generate your laughter from within. Laughter is magnified when practiced in a group as it is very contagious ! It is playful and fun.

Laughing prepares our body and mind for deep relaxation and meditation, which will complete our class.

Bring a towel, mat, blanket or something soft to lie on for end of class relaxation and meditation.

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