Path to Peace for Lawyers

The Path for Lawyers to find Balance, Fulfillment, Flow, Resilience and Joy in the practice of Law


Workplace Wellness Training

Stress has a major impact on the function of our body and our mind, and can impact our overall happiness and our performance in the workplace.

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Coaching for Lawyers

Discover practical ways to reduce the impact of stress on your nervous system and your mind so you can achieve focus, clarity and the best outcomes.

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Family Dispute Resolution

This is a type of mediation for couples who are separating and who disagree about shared parenting of their children and other matters of dispute.

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Laughter Yoga and Wellness Workshops

In today’s world, people want to be healthy, they want to be happy, but instead they are stressed, depressed, sleeping less, experiencing more negative thoughts and feeling isolated.

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Discover your bliss in this weekly meditation for lawyers and law students.

Jackie “Chamundai” Curran of The Laughter Lawyer

About The Laughter Lawyer

After being a lawyer for 25 years, Chamundai now helps other legal professionals to bring more joy into life. As an accredited mediator and conflict coach, her wellness programs bring relief from stress and increase happiness, inner peace, focus, empowerment and connection within the business system. Chamundai also coaches people who want a deeper connection with spirituality, are looking to find their purpose, and seek to help humanity using their unique gives. Sessions are practical and effective, fun and inspiring, delivered with compassion, and professionalism.


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